Eterna - EP

by Tanpopo Crisis

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released July 3, 2017

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Tanpopo Crisis Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Tanpopo Crisis is a one man grindcore/post black metal band.

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Track Name: Time Will Accomplish Nothing
My place there is gone now
I am left in the uncomfortable warmth
My body feels the light but my head still sits low
Forever mourning a conscious decision
I am the one at fault
A feeling of timelessness
Like the world is turning without me
Everything is built with flaws and complications
I don't want the responsibility
Yet it's unconditional
Like a dead tree falling in a storm
I will always be here
Waiting for something
It runs like clockwork
But time will accomplish nothing
I am okay with being blinded by a lie
And maybe that is what I am waiting for
Track Name: Nocturne
A piece of my memory
The hole I find in myself
A mind in deep water
Scar tissue forms new symmetry
A representation of all I have lost
I held you above my head
But you still decompose in the sun
Maybe this is how things had to be
A former light guiding my way
Intoxication my only excuse
You were an hour glass
I was a hammer
I coddled you for as long as I could
You were the remains of all I had left
Track Name: Popola
In arms
Drowning in guilt
Its not your fault
You were never at fault
Wearing a truly artificial smile while you hang your head
A debt that isn't yours yet you still bare the weight
No matter what
You are lead to a vision of suffering
And You share it all
And it is all you have
Dragged through the worst of what can be built
You beg for redemption
But you deserve better
A peaceful place to exist
Away from a bitter sun
Away from a hollow life
No way to repent
A sliver of hope
In each others arms
Drowning in guilt
Its not your fault
You were never at fault
Track Name: Eterna
Letting go has done so much
Yet so little
A cold world never stops moving
Contorting and pulsing
Like a maggot in the dirt
Everything swells until all you can do is hold yourself under
I don't know if it gets better
I never know the next step
Clouds of doubt always hang above
Yet the light still shines through
This is eternal
A lifeless cycle that will never stop
Endless funeral
Forever being reborn
I mask what it has done to me
And I show what it has given to me
I let it drift around me
A slave unchained from my own nerve
This is eternal
This is a resting place