by Tanpopo Crisis

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Modesta is mainly about anime and different stories I make up and write about. Also Fallout 4 is the reason this took so long to put out so I wrote a few tracks about that too.

Instruments,vocals,recording: Tanpopo Crisis
Album Art: Myles Oliver

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released December 14, 2015



all rights reserved


Tanpopo Crisis Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Tanpopo Crisis is a one man grindcore/post black metal band.

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Track Name: Failure of Spirit
Past Tense
We are human
Mistakes aren't made
Existing is optional forever
Fail me again
Let me know who you really are
So I can pick you apart and throw you away
Always looking down
You may trip but never fall above
Only fall lower until your soul is decimated
Track Name: The Sights and Sounds of Close Dead Friends
I don't need them anymore
I can live in the safety of static
I climb to the roof and look at the wires
"That is where I want to be"
I lose myself in the fall
One with the pavement
One with the wires
Track Name: Plants
Its not medicine
Worshiping plants
Neglecting life
Track Name: Blind Betrayal
Hardened leader
Synthetic person
Right under our noses
How could you have known?
You were the threat
An abomination of advancement
Giving your life on principal
I am the one to take it
I wish I didn't have to
"I have never been more proud of you then I am at this moment."
"Ad Victoriam, Brother"
"Ad Victoriam, Sister"
Track Name: Another One Torn Apart
You don't fucking care
They hold no value to you
Public display
No one should have to witness this
Giant birds descend from the sky
They will take another one
Completely ripped apart in the streets
"God cannot forgive us."
Track Name: Club Cyberia
"I exist in those people who have yet to know how to exist"
Track Name: Modesta
This island suburbia
Suburb of the damned
Under control of Majestic
A blinding light from something in the sky
Every forced smile annihilated
Paradise has been lost
Forever in the shadow of a small gray face
Track Name: Butterfly Dancers in the Remains
Fluid movements
Neon lights
Play with my eyes
Dancing on a grave
The two girls knew what they were doing
Their robotic song echoed through the remnants
But they couldn't stop
I heard chanting
Endless chanting
"God won't forgive you until forgive yourself."