Nobody Knows

by Tanpopo Crisis

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I took my time writing this one a little more than usual and it was definitely a learning experience in terms of writing and recording.

Its mostly about cyberpunk anime like Ergo Proxy and obviously Bubblegum Crisis.


released February 27, 2016

Tanpopo Crisis - Instruments, vocals, recording
Sus - Vocals on track 4
Joe - Vocals on track 5



all rights reserved


Tanpopo Crisis Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Tanpopo Crisis is a one man grindcore/post black metal band.

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Track Name: Enter The Sphere
Staring in the face of an irrelevant culture
Set free
A blank slate
With a choice to make
Enter the sphere
Be numb for all eternity
Enter the sphere
Dissolve regret
Pulling what is real apart
Leaving a new void to fill
Track Name: Weird
Don't waste a second wasting people
You owe them nothing
But you owe me something
You see it all through different eyes
Playing God
Who lives and who dies
Who sees fate and who meets it
You send people to a world you thought you've felt
Feeling it explode through the roof of your mouth
No one needed reason but you
Track Name: Cytotropism
Through exile and experience
For reasons unknown
Like a plague bring life
Diseased with free will
Loss upon loss
Long time companion
Few heads bow in a moment of silence
Track Name: Anamnesis (Feat. Sus)
In others eyes, I am part of this world
Yet I surpass your comprehension
Feel the pounding in your chest as the pulse quickens...
Behold, for this is what brings us to the truth
The answer is already there
Track Name: Never Agree (Feat. Joe)
We are a degenerating generation
We want more
We want nothing but change
Annihilated by the highest of the fucking machine
Breed to hate
Breed to never agree
Track Name: Desire Is Irrelevant
Desire is irrelevant
I am machine
Track Name: Priss
Illegally modified
With the persistence of vermin
Neither man nor machine
With one true name
Track Name: Genom
A city with no limits
Glowing with the lights of a new century
An unlimited future
A forgotten past
Blue and gray for as far as the eye can see
A sleepless city
A godless world
Track Name: Bloom
Dormant and cold
White to gray
Walls reaching towards the sky
Small and unforgiven
Black spots never come clean
And water will never purify your clouded dream
Cold stones against your skin
Frozen with fear
Let your name mean something
Reach your wings towards the sky
And wonder why the sun is so cold
Track Name: Nobody Knows
Where we go from here nobody knows
Everything is in constant motion
And we have stalled
Do we need forgiveness?
Do we need the rain?
Now everything is said and done
Mere necessity is gone

Thoughts of opinion
Feelings of joy
Feelings of sorrow
Are conquered by splitting numbness
Nothing lost
But nothing gained

Do we need our shadows?
The blood that in our veins?
Those who have forgotten
Scream their names in vain
This is the start of nothing
From here on nothing grows
Where will we ascend to?
Nobody Knows